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Product Code: TH-42AS620K

  • Expands your experience, enriches your lifestyle
    Life + Screen designed to go "Beyond Smart TV" The new products combine an easy-to-use personalised interface with the next generation of beautiful, high-quality picture quality, all within a modern, premium design.

    A Personalized Gateway and a More Intuitive Home Screen
    You can personalize the Home screen with your favorite apps and content "my Home Screen" makes it fast and easy to access whatever you want

    A Variety of Content Can Be Verbally Read to You
    The content shows on websites, SNS messages, etc.. and the information displayed when changing channels or video input signals are verbally read out. Operating guides can also be read out

    Easily Share Smartphone Content on a Large Screen
    By linking a smartphone or tablet device to the TV, you can freely share content and achieve easy operation

    VIERA Content can also be Shared from Outside the House
    A smartphone cna be used to share video memos and text message with VIERA from outside the house. This lets everyone in the family stay in contact

    Large-Screen web Browsing with Your family
    The browser supports HTML 5 pages, so you can browse the internet much like you do with a PC. Unlike a PC, though, the large screen allows the whole family or a group of friends to comfortably view a wide variety of content

    Dot Noise Reduction
    Unique detection and correction technologies reduce dot noise. A wide variety of content is clearly displayed


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