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Product Code: TH-42AS700K

  • IPS LED Super Bright
    The IPS Panel featured here has a wide viewing angle. IN addition, the use of a high-efficiency LED backlight and a high transmittance panel increases brightness by 15%.

    Smooth Motion with Backlight Blinking
    Fine ON/OFF control of the backlight results in images that are free from afterimages and flicker.

    Wide Viewing Angle
    By combining the IPS Panel, with its excellent viewing angle characteristics, beautiful images are reproduced with excellent brightness, color, and contrast even when viewed from an angle.

    The energy-saving panel lowers power consumption.

    My Home Screen
    You can personalize the home screen with your favorite apps and content. "my Home Screen" makes it fast and easy to access whatever you want.

    Voice Guidance
    The content shown on websites, SNS messages, etc, and the information displayed when changing channels or video input signals are verbally read out.

    Remote Sharing
    A smartphone can be used to share video memos and text messages with my Home Screen from outside the house.This lets everyone in the family stay in contact.

    Dot Noise Reduction
    Unique detection and correction technologies reduce dot noise. A wide variety of content is clearly displayed.

    HDMI Input
    Featuring multiple HDMI ports. Multiple devices, such as a BD player and the newest game machines, can be simultaneously connected with HDMI cables.

    USB Input
    Featuring a USB port. You can quickly connect a device, such as digital camera and external storage, via a USB interface. This makes it so easy to view the photos that you take.

    Media Player Compatible with RMVB Format
    Content stored in an SD card or USB memory stick can easily be played on VIERA's large screen. Various formats, including RMVB, MP3 and JPEG are supported. And a wealth of customization functions let you add background music and effects

    Narrow Bezel
    The simple yet lustrous narrow bezel naturally draws the viewer's attention to the image within. It also enhances high-quality room interiors.


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